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4. Creating the runtime

Base of any work in the studio is the so called runtime project. A runtime project tries to be a complete working copy of the OpenWGA server that you want to setup in the end. It hosts a server configuration, the designs that are to be published on the server plus some content data, all on your local development machine. At the end of this tutorial you will be able to publish all of this to your live server in a single step.

But for now lets first create a runtime project. On the top-left of the UI you will find the "generic create button" of the studio:


Hit it and a "creation wizard" will come up, first asking you what you want to create. Mostly the simplest way to get to the resource type you want to create is to simply type the beginning of its name into the search field. Enter "Run" and...


...the studio will offer you to create a "WGA runtime project". Click it to choose, then continue with the "Next >" button.

Now you will be asked for a name of the runtime project. Here we mostly choose the DNS host name for which the OpenWGA server should publish the final site. Mine will be "" (Catchy, huh?). Unfortunately runtime projects do not allow dots in their names, so I replace this with an underscore:


As you see the WGA distribution that was downloaded at the beginning is already chosen. We do not need to specify a working set. This is a facility to organize multiple projects into larger groups. We will have only one after finishing this, so there's hardly a need for that now.

Click "Finish" and your new (first?) runtime project will be created.

5. Starting the runtime

What do we see now:


On the left there is the package explorer which is an (rather silly named, blame Eclipse) overview of the projects that we have in our workspace. The workspace is actually the contents of the "wds-workspace" directory which we chose on starting the studio. You see there is a project called "doomsdev_net" in there containing some files and folders. Lets have a speak peak at them:

  • The folder designs will contain the individual designs that your website(s) on this server will publish. Currently empty as we do not yet have any.
  • The folder plugins may contain OpenWGA plugins to install into the runtime automatically. Useful for plugin developers, which we are not. We will not use it here.
  • The folder tomcat contains specific configuration files for the Tomcat Application Server which is embedded to the studio and used to test your runtime project. They are preconfigured for most needs and we will not use these here.
  • The folder wga is the OpenWGA configuration folder, containing the basic server configuration, installed plugins and much more. We seldomly edit these by hand and will not do this in this tutorial.
  • The file runtime.xml is the basic configuration of this runtime project. Double-clicking it will bring up the runtime configuration editor you are already seeing on the right of the package explorer. In case you ever close it you can bring it back by double-clicking this file.

Se we see the runtime configuration editor in the largest part of the UI on the top-right. I'm sure you also noticed this shiny "Start" button at the top of it. Come on, don't be shy. Just click it. You know you want to.

What happens now? At the bottom of the studio interface a "Console" view should pop up and show you a lot of techno talk about things starting, other things installing, connecting, patching, whatever. This is the embedded OpenWGA server of the studio starting up, using your new runtime project for configuration and throwing messages at you which cannot and do not need to understand by now. Most important thing is that it should end with some message saying something like:

INFO: Server startup in 19396 ms

So at about half a minute later your local OpenWGA server is up and running.

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